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  • Alfio

    very nice magazine! I like it!

  • Chris

    Loved it!

  • Luinard

    Awesome magazine, really enjoyed the interview

  • Zachary Wibowanto

    Lastly, the ifth aspect of a successful eSport: it has to look cool” (eye candy)
    Quake 3 Arena doesn’t look that cool. Hardly has any eye candy too. It had its quake conventions.

  • generaldegaule

    super s’y quelqu’un pouvais le traduire en français sa serai génial

    • http://www.savetehenderdragon.com/ MrTrollinski

      je peut le faire si tu veux 😛
      mais ca vas prendre du temps

  • JoshZeKiller

    This was an epic experience, 15 days per mag? Quite quick I’d say.

  • http://www.savetehenderdragon.com/ MrTrollinski

    This is great!