• Björn

    What a complete waste of resources. Lassar’s interview didn’t state anything new, and that description of Arcade, Realistic and Simulator…LOL … “in Simulator, you have to use your own eyes to spot enemies”… guess the author never even touched the game, and thus doesn’t know Minimap Thunder.. if I were Gaijin, I’d fire the freak-show responsible for this waste of resources.

    • planes bro

      you DO have to use your own eyes to spot enemies, unless you play tanks or something i guess..

    • Heinkel280

      GameON Magazine has no ties with Gaijin and the team for the magazine is made up of volunteers from the War Thunder community. Sorry you didn’t enjoy the magazine unlike the majority of the community which seems to be in full support. PS) Considering this is a digital magazine only I assure you no trees were “wasted” in the process of making it. 😉

    • Ben Sokolow

      Ha derp page 58 derrrr which way is the front line?

  • Jorno

    make a kindle version plz

  • Tony

    Nice review with the Mc 202, I love the “climbs to 4k alt in 3:26 minutes statistic.”

  • Edward Tapia

    nice magazine

  • Matt Chambers

    Nice work on this magazine. The mix of tactical advice (which admittedly can be a bit basic for even moderately experienced players), history, and sneak peeks is very nice. Perhaps replace the basic 101 stuff with more specific and relevant advice for experienced players (who are probably more likely to be reading this?), like map-specific highlights and after action analyses for interesting replays (which you can let players download with a shortened URL link in the magazine). Keep up the good work!

  • Doriedd

    Really great job guys, the community is lucky to have this. Ignore the hate and keep working on the mag, there are a lot more players out there quietly enjoying the magazine than there are loudly complaining.

  • flyingANCHORS

    As an experienced player I thought this issue was a bit dull… until I read the turn-fighting article. Turns out I have been doing some manuevers wrong. You guys are awesome for doing this Keep it up!!!


    war thunder need fleet

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