• Scarper

    Absolutely brilliant, as usal, thanks very much guys, im stunned at how much you pack into this every month,

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    Nice read 🙂

  • Mark Barber

    Chaps, your articles on naval aviation and Fleet Air Arm aircraft are more accurate than some published works – excellent job!

    • Zoso

      Cheers Mark, was hoping they’d meet with your approval!

  • Sir Clark Sonhammond-Andmay

    1.70.1945 (or 1.49 as it’s called now) was an amazing update for sure, it made dreams come true with the FAA tree. I never really understood the BR difference between P-51 (new US plane, 3.0) and Mustang Mk.1A (GB premium, 5.0) though.

  • Bionicvapour

    A good read!

  • Kstor Troy Allias Greg

    Is good but please, translate it in lot of language !

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    Thanks for another excellent magazine!