About Us

New Beginnings 02-09-2014 15-34-04

Aichach Way back in 2006, the idea of a gaming magazine was batted around some friends. They wanted to get some of their favourite content out to a user base, but not in the traditional sense. They wanted it to be a more enjoyable experience than scrolling down a blog. Two years later in August 2008, The GameOn Magazine was born and released it’s very first issue! Spanning over 61 pages, this first issue was filled with some great content and had a lot of love put into it. It was incredibly well received by those that read it and thus, a passion was born. Over the next few years, The GameOn Magazine developed more and more, bringing on extra staff and trying out different styles. Jump forward to 2012 and we created our first Special Edition magazine to celebrate the then-upcoming release of Borderlands 2 from Gearbox Software and 2K Games. This Borderlands 2 Magazine was a huge hit with the Borderlands and general gaming community and so we strove to create even more special editions and shifted a lot of focus onto the project.

Special Editions

Lambersart Not including our recurring magazines, we have created a total of 13 special editions for various game releases ranging from Resident Evil 6 to The Sims 4. Everyone of these has been crafted alongside the aiding of the publishing/developing teams and, once published, have been well received by their respective communities. In early 2014, we launched our first special edition series with the SMITE Community Magazine and this took off way faster than we ever expected. We brought together an entire team of writers and artists from the SMITE community to assist in the magazine and make it their own. Created for and crafted by the community was our aim. Since then we’ve started to work with Blizzard on the World of Warcraft Community Magazine (which has recently launched it’s first issue) and NCSOFT to bring out both a WildStar and Guild Wars 2 Magazine.