• Manolis

    Thumbs up for your great idea, keep it up lads !

  • PutlerKaput!

    How much does Gaijew want for the Magazine?

    • Guest

      Hi, we are independent actually, the writers are all fellow WT players who want to contribute a bit to the community πŸ™‚


  • Lornito Mahinay, Jr.

    This is nice. πŸ™‚

  • H8te

    Awesome amount of ass-licking.
    Independent Magazine?

    Lol, you are OBVIOUSLY paid by Gaijin if you write only positive stuff.

    There are 1001 bugs, imbalances and other issues with WT, yet this “community” mag only shows how “great” this game is.

    Nice try suckers.

    • Lex

      Duh -.- ofc companies wont write bad stuff about their products… + I find this game more fun than the other tank game with hp bars and with it’s sister game with HP bar planes.

    • Heinkel280

      Nope, we’re a community magazine written by volunteers from the community.

      Sorry your experience with War Thunder has been less than desirable. o7

    • Kaostic

      Sorry to inform you – we’re not paid by Gaijin :).

    • AenoG

      Go back to World of Bullshit.

  • Scarper

    Good job on the magazine, really excellent effort, thank you very much. o7

  • Boris StaniΔ‡

    I remember when this was just a idea. It is very nice to see it realized. I am loving it. Keep up the good work!


    thats a great idea in my opinion πŸ˜€

  • Robbothebloke

    Great publication guys! Keep it up!!

  • ZiePeregrine


  • Archangel1991

    Well, its a nice idea, but you wont be able to convince the community that its independent! Its like trying to say that CNN is independent from the FBI and CIA!

    Its has a nice design, its very appealing to the eye!

    • Kaostic

      Fortunately for us, we don’t need to convince anybody. If members of the community decide not to believe that we’re independent, that’s their call :). It’s more a compliment that you think the quality is to that standard.

      • Nate

        Great job overall man! keep up the good work!

    • ieatsheeple

      Take your tinfoil hat to your mom’s basement and stay there…

      • Maj_Roach

        Hey! I want a tin foil hat!

  • MaximeDelaroux

    Very nice! Keep it up!

  • MaximeDelaroux

    Very nice! Looking forward to the next issues!

  • Leandro Arocena

    nice work! great idea! gratz

  • ferdefeu_FR

    good joob

  • Tony

    It seems fairly good, one thing I did not like was the vagueness of the pro’s and con’s of the 109 profile…
    I would suggest doing something more in-depth like as follows, and split up the pro’s and cons to Arcade, Realistic, and Simulator… Since the plane handles differently in each.
    Extremely good at high altitude, above 5,000m’s you can out turn nearly every plane.
    High speed maneuverability is extremely good, making it a breeze to line up a kill in a boom and zoom tactic.
    It’s “burst” turn time is above average, making it easy to do quick turns without loosing too much speed.
    The 7.7 machineguns are located in the nose making aiming easy to learn.
    The cannons have high velocity for it’s tier making it easier to lead a target since you don’t have to give so much distance.
    In practically every range both the 7.7’s and 20’s hit at the same elevation making a skilled pilot deadly.
    If you fight in the vertical, your engine has a high acceleration allowing you to drop and raise throttle as needed.
    No carburetor issues, which means you can pull negative G’s.
    For it’s tier the cockpit is very un-cluttered and easy to navigate.
    Later model 109’s behave like an all around improved version of the E3, making this plane the perfect starting platform.

    Turn time is average, so unless you know your opponent it is not wise to get into the horizontal turn fight.
    The limited amount of cannon rounds makes you a little too cautious when it comes to “walking in the rounds”.
    If you loose both speed and altitude your plane will have a hard time being either defensive or offensive.
    The plane seems to catch fire rather easily, and it can be fairly difficult to put it out.
    Only having two 7.7’s in the nose, you can find yourself putting over 300 rounds into your enemies tail to see no sign of progress if you run out of cannon rounds.
    Having wing mounted cannons makes your convergence range vital, which can have newer pilots pulling their hair out.
    In simulator you are seated fairly low in the plane, making it hard for you to lead a target.

  • Facu Barril Acedo

    It looks good, but I think you can do more with the design. Is there any place where I can send suggestions? Or send an illustrator and/or indesign file?

    • Kaostic

      Drop me an e-mail: kris[at]gameonmag.com

  • Karl_3

    you have to have facebook to enter the contest. that sucks big time.

  • Louie Gillon


  • I_Am_Bob224

    Good magazine, love to read it.

  • RTMPro

    Great magazine for the players new to War Thunder. Also, some half decent reading for experienced players. Always nice to have another perspective.

  • Peter Burritt

    this was great! I loved this magazine!

  • ZJohnnyZ

    Very cool, Thank you!

  • Kevin R Thomasson

    Good start, however will there be room for improvements of the game? Such as the plain and simple bias of anything Russian? I mean come on Gaijin brings forth a new plane, the I 301, which fell apart in the skies when firing that 23 mm cannon! But it’s brought in at tier 1 at 2.3 battle rating, and yet American fighters with less speed and cheese for guns are 2.3 and up to 3.0 battle rating. Or maybe we’re just gonna kiss a little tail for the good reviews?

  • Feather_Friend

    An excellent read from front to back. πŸ˜€

    Looking forward to more.

  • http://www.twitch.tv/underpantswt Underpants

    Very well done,
    See you guys took a fair amount of time to pull this off
    Props to you!

  • your average joe

    im sorry if this seems like a dumb question but is there a physical copy of this? if so where can i get it an how much does it cost?

  • plmnb

    1. Heavy Tanks and they gave picture of T54 medium tanks -.-…
    2.TANK DESTROYERS Are useless because minimap marks you whenever you camp or want to flank. You can’t work as TD…
    Too much information about Planes. There are only few information bout tanks.

  • Twominusone

    Any way to get this on facebook other than the “give your information” route?

  • Commissaire Lucius

    Didn’t understand the comic? The tankist speak like a german fighter, but drive a T34… Can someone explain me?

  • 67alexzander

    Amazing job and great description about the game.

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  • patcat7

    they should do more mag weekley

  • http://www.savetehenderdragon.com/ MrTrollinski

    very good!

  • Deadalus

    Pretty sure the game’s growth (since I vaguely heard about it in 2012) and profit margin is stalling right now, so it’s a good initiative in trying to spread the word. A few recommendations for future pieces of branding; have WT merchandise promo items (clothing, posters, etc.), encourage players to blog (sorry but; screen shots + skins competitons are alas outdated strategies), make daily/weekly news site (streaming is not enough), make the visuals (magazines etc.) more visually appealing to match the ww2 era – proof read and align the bodycopy better, use issu dot com (it’s free!) directly on the WT forum (simpler for players to access, read, dl, comment), Gaijin to provide more content (vs the growing amount of none russian based mmo competitors) asap, and last no least; provide a dedicated Newbie (potential life line of any mmo) Dedicated Help Channel – remember 1st impression is last.

  • Djayswain

    I enjoyed this first issue! Keep it up!

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-cQcEmTJfOlsq8KjA4Gg2Q?feature=mhee ZUKFARI


  • Falcon Tec

    Congratulations, great job.

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