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Issue #133 of GameOn Magazine Now Available to Read

By | GameOn Magazine

Issue #133 of GameOn Mag is now live!

This month we’re celebrating the anniversary of some games such as Mega Man Legacy, Mad Max and Destruction Derby, as well as giving our thoughts on the next-gen console war. The main features this month are the in-depth reviews of Serious Sam 4 and STAR WARS: Squadrons.

You can purchase a single issue for £3.99/$3.99 or a £1.99/$1.99 monthly subscription fee.

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Paladins Magazine Looking for More Magazine Staff

By | GameOn Magazine

Paladins Community Magazine has always had a small, close-knit, and passionate staff to bring you the amazing fanmade content you’ve come to expect these past few months. HiRez is constantly adding to the game and Paladins’ fanbase has certainly grown since we started the mag late last year. With the game and scene growing the way it is, it only makes sense that our magazine staff follows suit! If you’re interested in any of the positions listed below, please fill out this form and make sure to have an example of your past work in your submission.


  • cheap date lyrics General Writer– These writers are the backbone of the mag, as they inform readers about recent additions to the game and advise them on how to take their play to the next level. You would address whatever topics are relevant to the community at the moment and get the chance to interview some of our community’s influencers. If you have a passion for the game and the community but don’t fit any of the other specific writer roles, this position is most definitely for you! We’re always open to unique ideas for articles, so don’t be hesitant to bring your creativity to us!
  • how to order Aurogra Esports Enthusiast– Things certainly are heating up with the Paladins pro scene, aren’t they? The beginning of the PPL is right around the corner and there’s also no shortage of other competitions that attract a lot of viewers. An esports enthusiast for PCM would need to be fairly familiar with the scene and have the ability to keep up with the constantly changing competitive scene! You wouldn’t just cover the scores and statistics, but also provide readers with a taste of the personalities in the competitive scene via interviews.
  • Fiction Writer– We’ll be the first to say that we’ve been lacking in this department for quite awhile now. It’s not an easy job coming up with original storylines, but there is a lot of potential for fiction with the lack of official lore from HiRez right now. Someone in this role would be someone with a creative imagination that can capture the personalities of Paladins’ unique cast of characters. Don’t be scared to be too creative!
  • In-game photographer/artists– No written content is complete without some visual accompaniment. There’s certainly not a shortage of talented artists and photographers in this community, just search “Paladins art” on Twitter some time if you don’t believe us. Now’s their time to step up to the plate for us and take their artwork to an even larger platform!

Thank you for your interest in our content and joining our staff! We couldn’t and wouldn’t do this if it weren’t for you passionate people! You guys put the “Community” in Paladins Community Magazine!


 Please note: This is a voluntary position.

SMITE Magazine Looking for New Writers

By | GameOn Magazine

In the past 2 years, the SMITE Magazine has grown a huge amount. We’ve seen some staff come and go, and others have stuck around to create the core team of writers, artists, and designers that we have today. Well, we’re opening up the doors again and seeking out more Staff!

At the moment, we are looking for the following types of people:

  • eSports Enthusiast – Somebody who is both strong at writing and has an avid interest in the SMITE eSports scene. This role would based around covering the SMITE Pro League from a journalistic sense, but also to write original content about the scene.
  • Theorycrafter – We love to theorycraft about new items and/or gods in SMITE, and if you have an interest in it, we’d love to have you on-board!
  • Math Buff – Some people adore numbers. Our current set of writers are not those people. We’re looking for somebody who can see a bunch of numbers and explain it to us like we’re five.
  • Fiction Writer – Our current staffing is more than capable of writing one-off fiction pieces, however, we’re also looking for somebody who can write fiction pieces than span across multiple issues of the magazine.
  • In-game Photographer – Articles need pictures, and usually lots of them. So we’re looking for people to help out our current photographers.

If you’re interested in applying for any of these positions, please fill out this form!


Please note: This is a voluntary position.

GameOn Seeking Dedicated Streamers

By | GameOn Magazine

GameOn is looking for dedicated streamers! The GameOn Magazine is an online gaming magazine covering games across all platforms. Additionally, GameOn publishes three game-specific magazines: The SMITE Community Magazine, The WoW Community Magazine and The WildStar Community Magazine.

We’re currently looking for amazing, entertaining individuals to join our team of streamers for our Twitch.TV channel, http://www.twitch.tv/gameonmag. At present we’re looking mainly for SMITE, WoW, and WildStar streamers, but are open to other games being streamed until a set schedule has been sorted out.

If you think you have what it takes to represent a great name in gaming, submit your application here!

The GameOn Magazine Issue #60 Is Live!

By | GameOn Magazine

Our latest issue of The GameOn Magazine has gone live! There’s over 150 pages of fantastic content inside with previews of titles such as: Battlefield: Hardline, Killing Floor 2, NBA 2K15, Never Alone, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Alien: Isolation and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Along with this, we’ve got articles on The Treatmeant of Death in Videogames and our Gamescom 2014 Awards. Reviews wise, we’ve got you covered with the likes of The Sims 4, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, and Velocity 2X.

Read The Magazine

Free Issue

By | GameOn Magazine

We’ve decided to celebrate the release of our new website and us joining Joomag by letting our readers have a free issue of The GameOn Magazine, the monthly gaming mag.

To redeem your free issue, head over to our News Stand on Joomag, which can be found here. Once there, pick out the issue you’d like and click the “Download” button. Create an account and then enter the coupon found below into the “eCoupon” section. Click “Checkout” and congratulations, you now have a free issue of the GameOn Magazine!

Coupon: DSKX39ZCZSZ3

This coupon will expire 21st September 2014.