• Dirk


  • Earthspasm

    I love these, thanks for doing this. Interesting stuff about the Megadroids, I must have skipped that lore.

  • Agent Bob

    Wait, people still play this?

  • Ianpact

    Thanks again for the enjoyable read. I believe it was a great idea to continue the showcase of community art. Once again, Sam has provided an entertaining take on a zone. I would never have thought to look at the robots as denizens of Nexus. That was an interesting take. I think you could probably expand on that, as well, at some point. You may want to consider continuing that poll when you can. It may be interesting to see how it evolves as you include more players.

    I do hope they expand on the LFG and mentor/rallying system. I have been very curious as to why they seemingly “chose” to make you find another player before you could equalize your level to the area. It was one of the few features in GW2 that I did enjoy greatly. That said, I do feel it should remain an option as to whether you mentor or remain at cap. I personally would remain in mentor status about 99% of the time but I have little doubt there will be times when I wish I could just crush the object of opposition.

    PS: Sorry I took so long to read this one. Family death and a personal challenge for another game kept me distracted. However, I am back and I look forward to the next.