• Mini Stabber

    nice 🙂

  • Ianpact

    Thank you. That was quite enjoyable. 。^‿^。

  • Ward Denker

    If you’re going to call yourself an ‘editor’, then perhaps you should learn how to edit the content. This means correcting the copious grammatical errors throughout. A lot of the prose could also be massaged so as to flow better. I stopped reading due to the poor quality of writing.

    • John Grotts

      And yet, here you are. lol

      • Ward Denker

        I’m not sure what this is meant to imply. I read for as long as I could take. I left a comment as feedback for future improvements. I will not be returning to this thread to read further comments.

  • Grizz

    Keep up the good work, it looks great. We really need stuff like this to flesh out the Wildstar universe.